Thursday, July 4, 2013

Squirrel On A Wire

            I hate sitting still and that includes sitting at a red light.  I have to look around to see what’s going on.  On my way to work one morning, I caught a red light and I happened to look up toward the power lines.  Running across Maynardville Highway on the power line was a little squirrel.  My first thought was, “Aw! How cute.”  But then I got to thinking about what I had just seen.

            That little squirrel was doing what came naturally to it.  It had no idea of how much power was surging through underneath its feet as it scurried across on the line.  It had no idea how close imminent danger could be.  It just did what it needed to do.

“The Lord will keep you from all harm—he will watch over your life;” Psalm 121:7 (NIV)
            How many times are we like that squirrel? God has His hand on us-keeping us safe and we have no idea of the dangers He keeps from touching us. And not just dangers.  There are many ways God works in our lives to take care of us and works things out to our good that we are unaware of. 

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  1. You know I believe this about our God. I wonder if when we get to heaven if He will say: "Let me show you what I did for you that you had no idea about." And, we'll stand in even greater awe of Him than we already do.
    Great post!