Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Dream Dress

The Dream Dress 

Let’s face it, what girl or woman doesn’t want to be a princess for a day? That’s the way I felt the day I got married back in good old 1985.  And what one thing helps her feel that way: her wedding dress!  One of the biggest questions of Prince William and Katie’s wedding was: “What will Katie be wearing!” The Dream Dress by Janice Thompson captures this essence for me. 

Gabi Delgado is my wedding dress superhero. By day she is an unappreciated seamstress, but at night she is an awesome wedding gown designer. She works hard at Haute Couture Bridal to help support her mother and grandmother, Mimi Carmen.  Her boss Demetri Markowitz has her stuck doing alterations in small closet.  He is blind to her real talent and potential.

            One day everything changes.  Her prince charming Jordan Singer, a reporter from Texas Bride Magazine, walks into the bridal shop.  But the initial change is not what most people expect.  Gabi gets fired, rehired, and fired again.  Along the way she accepts Christ, she and Jordan fall in love, and so does her Mimi Carmen with Daniel.  And Gabi begins to believe in herself.  She finds the self-confidence to start designing and making wedding dresses of her own.

            The Dream Dress is humorous and fun.  It’s encouraging without being too heavy handed. I enjoyed taking this journey with Gabi.  She learned that when things seem the darkest, there is always hope.  And God can work things out in ways we can’t imagine.
            On a personal note: I love how Janice writes.  She takes a certain setting and writes a book on each character in that setting.  Each character becomes an old friend and each community setting a home.  Each book is comforting familiar and yet brand new every time.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Exercising With The Holy Spirit

Below is a speech I wrote as a creative challenge.  It is written to upcoming Christian Writers.  I hope you enjoy it!
Being a science geek, I have always been interested in the space race.  I wonder how many of you know it is a byproduct of the cold war. On September 12, 1962 JFK made his famous speech about reaching for the moon.  He basically said, “We don’t do it because it’s easy.  We do it because it is hard!” Regardless of how you feel about JFK, I love that last statement.  Nothing worthwhile is easy.  

 Writing is far from easy.  It doesn’t matter how much knowledge and/or talent you have, it is a rough road with more rejections than acceptances.  To be able to handle it, you have to develop a tough skin and be “made of the right stuff.”  You must always be willing to try something new, take criticisms, learn what you can, and be willing to expand your horizons.

 JFK’s challenge especially rings true for us Christians who are also called to write.  We are to spread God’s kingdom through our words.  Rejections don’t just come from publishers, but from the world around us, but we must persevere as Jesus and the disciples did.  To me, I see writing God’s word as a privilege that He entrusts to us.  And if He is with us, then who can be against us?  

 Remember, always stay the course.  Don’t let the struggles and disappointments get you down.  There will also be times of wonderful fulfillment and a peace that can only come from our Lord.  And our rewards are literally out of this world.

-Brooke (Brooksie) Cox

This challenge came from a creative exercise on Paula Mowery’s new blog: Creative Christian Writers' Crank Up

It is designed to not only to stir up your creative juices as it did mine, but to do it through the Holy Spirit.  I highly recommend you all check it out.

You can also find Paula on Patti’s

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Creative Blog Hop

First, I want to say, that I’m honored to be a part of Paula Mowery’s blog hop.  She has started up an awesome website to help us Christian writers.  And I do like to think God made us a “little special.”
Below is one of assignments that, so far, has been my favorite.
Sunday, January 5, 2014

Creative God
Genesis 1:1-2 “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters.”

Circle one word in each group of words.

Dawn               Mountains        Sun
Dusk                Prairie              Moon
Night                Ocean              Stars

Now describe the scene that your three words create. Only one catch – you can’t use the words you circled in your description. Show the scene. Concentrate more on showing than naming.
God created out of nothing. Writers are charged to do the same with the blank page. God is creative, and you were made in His image. Writers are gifted to create a picture with words.

My response:

A cool evening breeze lifts her hair.  She peers up from the T-Rex bones she is dusting to see Venus twinkling in the red western sky.  Did the dinosaur she uncovered ever happen to glance up and appreciate the beauty of the Heavens even though it couldn’t comprehend what it was seeing?

Grabbing a jacket, she knocks a rock down the embankment to the valley below.  Yes, this place has its own rugged and rocky beauty, but she misses the green lush landscape back home in Tennessee.  The majority of trees here are variety pine.  And the trees back home are so thick, that she can’t see all the way down like she can now.

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