Saturday, January 5, 2013

Little John Deer

Who is Little John Deer?  He’s a member of our family and he also happens to be a miniature dachshund.   Like most dogs, he likes to chew on things, especially when he’s not supposed to.

When we have family over at Christmas, I like to use paper plates and Styrofoam cups.  The less work the better.  Anyway, Little John had gotten a hold of a cup and had chewed it up.  I know it’s a dog’s nature, so I just told him, “No! Bad!”  By that, he knew he wasn’t supposed to do it.

A couple of days after Christmas, I was in the house by myself and washing dishes.  That’s when I started to hear, “Crunch.  Crunch.”  I followed the sound to my daughter Sara’s bedroom.  There I saw Little John’s back end sticking out from under her bed.  He had found a Styrofoam cup and was chewing on it.  He thought he was completely hidden and getting away with doing a no-no.  I simply reached down and touched his back. He let out a big hair rising yelp and spun around where he was completely out from under Sara’s bed. 

“Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows.” Galatians 6:7 (NIV)

Except for chewing up Styrofoam cups and shoes, aren’t we the same as Little John? God tells us not to do something, but we want to do it anyway. And when we commit the sin, we think we can hide and get away with it.  That might work with humans, but not with God. Like with me and Little John, he hears and sees what you are doing.  

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  1. What a great analogy/illustration. Some things are just so tempting. Hopefully Little John will learn better and hopefully we will too.