Sunday, July 8, 2012

Blessed Seer

    My friend Paula has her first book, "Blessed Seer," being released this weekend.  I have read it and it is as awesome as Paula is.  In "Blessed Seer," Addy meets a mysterious stranger.  He talks to her about obedience and blessings.  Was she willing to get out of her comfort zone so God use her to bless not only herself, but other people as well?  Addy agrees and begins to have visions.  Like most of us, she has doubts about herself and her ability to do what God ask her of her.  It is a very touching and heartfelt story that will make you stop and think about how we live our lives.  Are we living them for ourselves or for God's glory and furthering His kingdom?  All we have to do is have faith and take that first big step out of out of our comfort zone.

On quick personal note: Happy Birthday Paula.  Knowing you and having you as a friend has blessed my life!

How did you come up with the idea of Addy having visions?As I researched about blessings, some of the verses referred to people having visions and dreams. The writer "what if?" began to whirl in my mind. What inspired you to write "Blessed Seer?" One evening I was thinking about an illustration pastors use. A man went to Heaven and was touring with an angel. They arrived at a warehouse filled with beautifully wrapped gifts. The man asked what the gifts were. The angel answered: "These are all of the blessings God wants to bestow but haven't been asked for or received due to disobedience." I went to bed considering this story, and God "downloaded" the whole outline for the story into my mind. I had to hop out of bed and write it down.How hard was it to write such an emotional story? Let's just say, God taught me so much while writing this story. I've had to deal with all of the truths.
Did you ever have any doubts while you wrote it or while you sent it out to publishers? Naturally, I felt rather vulnerable knowing an editor was reading this story. I did pray when I sent it that God would let the story touch someone if this was the right place for the book. When I received the email back from the editor, the first line of the email said - this story really touched me.
What is your biggest hope for "Blessed Seer?" 
I have prayed that God would use the story to touch readers for Christ and maybe even challenge and encourage them in their Christian walk.Have you ever had visions? Not in the sense that Addy experiences; though, I often envision my characters and scenes I write.Do really believe that we miss out on blessing because of out disobedience? Yes, God will not reward disobedience. It isn't His nature.


  1. Hi Brooksie,

    I saw your note on the ACFW loop and decided to pop over.

    This book sounds fascinating. I'm jotting down the title and adding it to my Wish List.

    Susan :)

  2. Hey Brooke!

    Thanks for hosting me on your blog and the great review. And, thanks for the happy birthday wish. Hopefully we can do something sweet and chocolatey soon! Love ya!


    Honored you would add THE BLESSING SEER to your Wish List. Hope you enjoy it and find it inspirational.

    Your Sis in Christ,