Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Dream Dress

The Dream Dress 

Let’s face it, what girl or woman doesn’t want to be a princess for a day? That’s the way I felt the day I got married back in good old 1985.  And what one thing helps her feel that way: her wedding dress!  One of the biggest questions of Prince William and Katie’s wedding was: “What will Katie be wearing!” The Dream Dress by Janice Thompson captures this essence for me. 

Gabi Delgado is my wedding dress superhero. By day she is an unappreciated seamstress, but at night she is an awesome wedding gown designer. She works hard at Haute Couture Bridal to help support her mother and grandmother, Mimi Carmen.  Her boss Demetri Markowitz has her stuck doing alterations in small closet.  He is blind to her real talent and potential.

            One day everything changes.  Her prince charming Jordan Singer, a reporter from Texas Bride Magazine, walks into the bridal shop.  But the initial change is not what most people expect.  Gabi gets fired, rehired, and fired again.  Along the way she accepts Christ, she and Jordan fall in love, and so does her Mimi Carmen with Daniel.  And Gabi begins to believe in herself.  She finds the self-confidence to start designing and making wedding dresses of her own.

            The Dream Dress is humorous and fun.  It’s encouraging without being too heavy handed. I enjoyed taking this journey with Gabi.  She learned that when things seem the darkest, there is always hope.  And God can work things out in ways we can’t imagine.
            On a personal note: I love how Janice writes.  She takes a certain setting and writes a book on each character in that setting.  Each character becomes an old friend and each community setting a home.  Each book is comforting familiar and yet brand new every time.

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