Saturday, February 15, 2014

Exercising With The Holy Spirit

Below is a speech I wrote as a creative challenge.  It is written to upcoming Christian Writers.  I hope you enjoy it!
Being a science geek, I have always been interested in the space race.  I wonder how many of you know it is a byproduct of the cold war. On September 12, 1962 JFK made his famous speech about reaching for the moon.  He basically said, “We don’t do it because it’s easy.  We do it because it is hard!” Regardless of how you feel about JFK, I love that last statement.  Nothing worthwhile is easy.  

 Writing is far from easy.  It doesn’t matter how much knowledge and/or talent you have, it is a rough road with more rejections than acceptances.  To be able to handle it, you have to develop a tough skin and be “made of the right stuff.”  You must always be willing to try something new, take criticisms, learn what you can, and be willing to expand your horizons.

 JFK’s challenge especially rings true for us Christians who are also called to write.  We are to spread God’s kingdom through our words.  Rejections don’t just come from publishers, but from the world around us, but we must persevere as Jesus and the disciples did.  To me, I see writing God’s word as a privilege that He entrusts to us.  And if He is with us, then who can be against us?  

 Remember, always stay the course.  Don’t let the struggles and disappointments get you down.  There will also be times of wonderful fulfillment and a peace that can only come from our Lord.  And our rewards are literally out of this world.

-Brooke (Brooksie) Cox

This challenge came from a creative exercise on Paula Mowery’s new blog: Creative Christian Writers' Crank Up

It is designed to not only to stir up your creative juices as it did mine, but to do it through the Holy Spirit.  I highly recommend you all check it out.

You can also find Paula on Patti’s

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  1. I love this! I agree that you would make a good speech writer.